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Orthopaedic Issues for Active Athletic Women

Date :11-Apr-2024

Orthopaedic Issues for Active Athletic Women Women have proved their true potential in every field, breaking barriers and have set an example for coming generations and there’s no doubt about it. Women achieving accolades is defining their capabilities, but keeping a close eye on their health is crucial, especially for those highly active in the world of sports. In the long run, comes unique challenges, particularly in the realm of orthopaedics. From weekend warriors to professional athletes, women face a myriad of orthopaedic issues that demand attention, understanding, and proactive m

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Most Common Orthopedic Problems Suffered By Women

Date :23-Mar-2024

Most Common Orthopedic Problems Suffered By Women The human body goes through so many physical activities daily and the gender factor plays a vital role here. Both men and women equally partake in all kinds of physical activities in daily life and are prone to various health concerns too. These concerns can be associated with bones muscles and joints. However, certain orthopaedic challenges impact women more than men. So it’s time to shed light on these common orthopaedic problems faced by women. Let’s take a look at them one by one. Osteoporosis Osteoporosis is a condition wher

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How is Osteoarthritis Diagnosed and Treated

Date :27-Feb-2024

How is Osteoarthritis Diagnosed and Treated Osteoarthritis (OA) is the most prevalent form of arthritis. It occurs when the protective cartilage cushioning the joints wears away, causing bones to rub against each other during movement. This leads to pain, stiffness, and reduced mobility. In our joints, the ends of bones are covered with a protective layer called cartilage. This cartilage acts like a cushion and lubricant, helping bones move smoothly. However, this cartilage gradually wears away in osteoarthritis, leading to discomfort and stiffness in the affected joints. Osteoarthritis can

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What are the Most Prominent Orthopaedic Issues Associated with Prolonged Sitting and Desk Work?

Date :29-Jan-2024

The fast-paced technology-driven world and jam-packed work schedules have chained people to the desk. Of course, the 9 - 5 jobs may pay you well enough for all the hard work you pour in, but have you paused for a while and tapped into your well-being? After finishing your tasks in one stretch, you get up to feel your back and legs all frozen and numb. That’s because you haven’t stretched or walked around. In short, there has been no physical activity. But, are you aware of the consequences of prolonged sitting on your orthopaedic health? The Dangers of Prolonged Sitting Sitting

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Beyond the Break Triumph Over Shoulder Fracture with Specialized Treatment

Date :28-Nov-2023

My rehabilitation from a shoulder fracture was nothing short of spectacular thanks to the expert care of Dr. Bharani Kumar, a respected Orthopaedic Surgeon and Trauma Consultant with over 21 years of expertise. Dr Bharani Kumar's extensive knowledge and expertise in shoulder injuries ensured a thorough understanding of the complicated components involved, including the clavicle, scapula, and humerus, as well as the intricate network of veins and tissues in the joint, neck, and chest areas.His accurate diagnosis revealed the extent of damage to these essential anatomical parts, allowing for a c

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Understanding Ankle Instability

Date :28-Oct-2023

Many people who are physically active are bound to sprain their ankle one or two times, maybe falling off the stairs or while playing a sporting activity. But this is something really normal as the ankle heals by itself with time. But there are situations where that is not the case. Repeated sprain can weaken the outer part of the ankle leading to ankle Instability. Let’s understand the condition more precisely.  What is Ankle Instability? The ankle comprises several bones, muscles, and ligaments that function together to maintain stability, restrict excessive movements, and pr

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Grade II PCL Tear: Anikesh's Non-Surgical Healing Journey

Date :29-Sep-2023

Anikesh was driving when he was involved in an accident. Anikesh was fortunate to have escaped with only minor injuries, but he was left with what is known as a dashboard knee injury. "I had no idea what a dashboard injury was until the doctor told me. As far as I was concerned, I had a swollen knee after the accident and I was in a lot of pain,” says Anikesh. Any blunt force trauma that causes damage to the posterior cruciate ligament (PCL) is referred to as a dashboard knee injury. It is most commonly observed in car accident victims who have rammed their knees into the dashboard hence

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Anterior Cruciate Ligament - ACL

Date :17-Aug-2023

முன்புற சிலுவை தசைநார் (Anterior Cruciate Ligament - ACL) (ஏ.சி.எல்) காயம் என்பது முழங்காலில் உள்ள முன்புற சிலுவை தசைநார் அதிகமாக நீட்டுவது அல்லது கிழிந்து போவது ஆகும். ஒரு சிதைவு பகுதி அல்லது முழுமையானதாக இருக்கலாம். கால்பந்தாட்டச் சண்டையின

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Knee Replace Surgery

Date :29-Jul-2023

சென்னை, ஆவடியைச் சேர்ந்த கமலா, (வயது 81) 15 வருடமாகக் கால் வலியைக் கொண்ட அவர், பல மருத்துவர்களைச் சந்தித்த பின் சென்னை ஆர்த்தோபீடியாக்ஸில் முழங்கால் மாற்று அறுவை சிகிச்சை (Knee Replace Surgery) செய்து கொண்டதாகவும், இதற்கு முன்னர் வீல்சேரில

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rheumatoid arthritis treatment in Chennai

Date :28-Jun-2023

Consider the inconvenience of swollen, misshapen fingers or painful knee joints. Picture a situation in which your life is dictated by the amount of pain you experience every day. Consider changing your entire lifestyle or relearning your daily chores to accommodate your pain. This was Disha's (name changed) reality since she was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis at the age of 23. Dr. Bharani Kumar Dayanandam, the senior orthopaedic surgeon and trauma consultant at Chennai Orthopaedics, discusses the case of Disha, who had to have surgery to repair her rheumatoid arthritis-damaged joints. Rh

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Ankle sprain

Date :25-May-2023

The 19-year-old dance enthusiast Amy (real name changed) found that college provided the ideal platform to display her skills. She participated in every dance competition that came her way and always excelled in them. During one such riveting performance, Amy felt her right ankle twisting and a sharp pain in her ankle. She did not, however, stop dancing. The thrill of the competition and an adrenaline rush ensured that she completed her performance without a hitch.But as soon as the curtains closed, Amy lost her balance because her right leg would not support her weight. Her friends had to hel

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Most Common Types Of Sports Injuries

Date :20-Apr-2023

Sport is an important part of many people's lives. Some people play sports professionally, while others do so to stay active and healthy. While the goal of participating in sports is to stay physically fit, it is not uncommon for injuries to occur. Dr. Bharani Kumar Dayanandam, senior orthopaedic surgeon and trauma consultant at Chennai Orthopaedics, discusses the most common types of sports injuries and how to identify them. Sports injuries are divided into two categories: acute and chronic. Acute injuries occur suddenly, whereas chronic injuries occur as a result of repeated use of a specif

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Does one knee look swollen when compared to your other knee?

Date :31-Mar-2023

 Does one knee look swollen when compared to your other knee? Is there any pain or discomfort in the swollen knee? Do you feel stiffness in the swollen leg? If yes, you might be a victim of a condition known as knee effusion, says Dr. Bharani Kumar Dayanandam, senior orthopaedic surgeon and trauma consultant at Chennai Orthopaedics. Knee effusion aka ‘water on the knee’ occurs due to fluid accumulation in the knee joints. It can be caused by different reasons that might be acute or chronic. Acute causes include trauma like ligament tears, meniscus tears, broken bones, etc. Ch

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Knee Osteotomy

Date :27-Mar-2023

Guru (name changed) had been experiencing pain in his left knee for several years. It was a minor annoyance at first, but it gradually started to hamper his mobility. “On a hiking trip with my colleagues, I had to take frequent breaks to sit down because my left knee was in agony. I was so embarrassed that the whole group had to slow down to accommodate me,” Guru recalls. After the disastrous trip, Guru decided to visit a doctor and find a permanent solution to his knee problem.“Dr. Bharani Kumar came highly recommended by my family doctor and I decided to get a consultation

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Revision total knee replacement

Date :25-Nov-2022

Total Knee Arthroplasty (TKR) or total knee replacement is a very common procedure used to treat knee-related problems. This method is extremely successful in relieving pain and helping patients live active, fulfilling life. TKR also has good longevity in most patients. However, in some cases, the replaced knee might end up having some problems. Though very rare, these instances are unavoidable. In these cases, the faulty knee implants will have to be replaced in a procedure called revision total knee replacement.  Madhavi (name changed) underwent a bilateral staged complex primary

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Regenerative Orthopaedics

Date :30-Dec-2020

Regenerative Orthopaedics is a  minimally invasive treatment technique which boosts the body’s ability to heal diseased or damaged cells after an injury, arthritis, or other degenerative condition, with little to no downtime. This paves an alternate way for the patients to improve their overall quality of life without the need of surgery. Regenerative Orthopaedics uses substances from your own body to rejuvenate, regenerate, and repair injured muscles, ligaments, and cartilage to treat orthopaedic conditions such as osteoarthritis, tendonitis, low back pain, joint injuries, ligament

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Platelet Rich Plasma ( PRP) treatment

Date :05-Sep-2020

Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) is that part of the human blood, consisting of proteins to help cellular growth and that which helps in the formation of blood clots, helping in the body’s healing process. Plasma is the liquid portion of the blood consisting mainly of water and acts as a channel for the blood cells, both red and white, and the platelets, to circulate through the body. Platelets are the actual blood cells that help in growth and clot formation. PRP treatment is an alternative to surgery and also a healing process. It consists of injecting the person’s own blood back i

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Managing osteoporosis during Covid-19

Date :23-Jun-2020

On March 11, 2020, the World Health Organisation officially declared Covid-19 outbreak as a pandemic, and the whole world, quite literally, went into a lockdown. And turned everybody’s life upside down, but, the most affected were those with existing medical conditions like Osteoporosis. This is a condition when the bone becomes weak and brittle. The body is constantly absorbing and replacing the bone. With osteoporosis, the replacement does not keep up with absorption. Taking into account the needs of hygiene and social distancing, the following are some recommendations by experts i

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Stem cell treatment for rotator cuff injuries

Date :11-Jun-2020

The group of muscles and tendons that surround the human shoulder joint and keep the bone firmly in the shoulder socket are, collectively, called the ‘rotator cuff.’Injuries to the rotator cuff are surprisingly common, but are more likely to happen to people who have to perform repeated overhead movement of their arms. While medication, physio-therapy and surgery are advised, depending on the severity of the injury, a new line of treatment involving stem cells has started getting serious consideration. While the older techniques have varying levels of success, the biggest proble

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All you need to know about LCL reconstruction

Date :21-Jan-2020

The knee is considered to be the largest and most complex joint in the human body. The knee is stabilized by a set of ligaments. There are four primary ligaments in the knee. They are: An anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) A posterior cruciate ligament (PCL) Medial collateral ligament (MCL) Lateral collateral ligament (LCL) The lateral collateral ligament (LCL) plays the role of a stabilizer on the outer side of the knee. This connects the thigh bone (femur) to the fibula (side bone of the lower leg) and provides stability and limits the sideways movement of the knee. A trauma, sports

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Pros and Cons of Osteotomy

Date :13-Nov-2019

Osteotomy is a surgical procedure preferred by young adults to postpone knee replacement surgeries for many years. It is a surgery that cuts and reshapes arthritis affected bone. Osteotomy, in its literal translation, means “cutting of the bone.” The procedure is either performed to repair the damaged joint or to shorten or lengthen the deformed bone.During the knee osteotomy procedure, either the tibia or femur is cut or reshaped to take off the pressure from the damaged side of the knee. The main aim of the knee osteotomy is to shift off the body weight from the injured area to t

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How Much Walking Is Good For Health?

Date :24-Sep-2019

Walking has incredible benefits on one's health. Famous Greek Physician Hippocrates once said that “Walking is man's best medicine”. As said by Hippocrates walking is really a great way to improve the overall health of a person. The sayings by Hippocrates centuries ago are still valid even when the world is being ruled over by the robust technological advancements. Many people maintain good health because of a regular brisk walk. Just 30 minutes of walking every day is enough to maintain a good health. However, excess walking and physical exercising can also cause some difficult

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Strengthen Your Joints And Age Proof Them

Date :19-Jun-2019

You can't stop ageing but you can reduce the physical problems that are related to ageing. One of the most common issues that are related to ageing is Joint Pain. The joints are the connections between the two bones. Smooth tissues called cartilages are present in between the joints to prevent friction and enable easy movement. With age, these cartilages start wearing off resulting in friction and joint damage. This is when you experience joint pain. Also, people with excessive weight are more prone to joint pain since too much pressure is created on the joints. Though ageing can't be stopped

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When Should You Opt For Hip Replacement?

Date :27-Feb-2019

Hip Replacement is a common type of surgery where a damaged hip joint is replaced with an artificial one called prosthesis. Hip Replacement is usually done for people above 60 years of age. The replaced joints are made of metal, ceramic, or hard plastic. A Total Hip Replacement surgery helps to relieve hip pain and increase the mobility of joints. A minimally invasive Hip Replacement preserves muscles and tissues that are destroyed during traditional surgery. The procedure involves smaller incisions that help in faster recovery. When to Consider a Hip Replacement Surgery? Osteoarthritis, rhe

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How Long Does A Knee Osteotomy Take To Heal?

Date :20-Feb-2019

Knee osteotomy is a surgical procedure performed to relieve pressure on the damaged site of an arthritic knee joint. Osteotomy literally means "cutting of the bone" and this is most commonly performed for patients where the knee joint’s weight-bearing surfaces worn away on one side. The affected side of the joint is no longer free running and smooth, leading to pain and stiffness. The objective of osteotomy is to transfer the weight-bearing forces within the knee to an uninvolved joint surface. However, this surgery is designed to allow patients to walk without discomfort, not to return

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Shoulder Arthroscopy - The Revolutionary Treatment

Date :22-Jan-2019

Shoulder related issues have always been a problem amongst the middle-aged and older citizens. Many surgeries are recommended for the treatment but shoulder arthroscopy has been particularly popular within the last few years. Here's a brief description about Shoulder Arthroscopy. What is shoulder arthroscopy? Shoulder arthroscopy is a surgical procedure which is performed to diagnose and treat shoulder joint related problems and also the issues in the rotator cuff. Small incisions are made to insert special surgical instruments like the arthroscope, which is a thin tool that has magnifying l

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Get To Know The Causes And Symptoms Of Shoulder Dislocation

Date :27-Aug-2018

What is a dislocated shoulder? It is an injury where the upper arm bone comes out of the cup-shaped socket which is actually a part of the shoulder blade. The shoulder is one of the most mobile and movable part of the body which often gets dislocated if sudden accidents occur. Shoulder dislocation needs immediate professional assistance. But how would you actually know whether the shoulder is dislocated or not? Following are the list of symptoms which will help you to identify whether your shoulder is dislocated or not: Symptoms of shoulder dislocation Extreme pain in the shoulder area an

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Do Bony Enlargements In Your Knee Irritate You?

Date :28-Jul-2018

Every human being wants a very flexible body that does not refrain him from engaging in any of the physical activities. Unfortunately, wear and tear of bones, muscles, tendons, ligaments, joints etc do not let him have a hassle free life and life slowly becomes a mess. A bony enlargement in knee is also one among those issues that make people apprehensive about their future. But, as there are hospitals such as Chennai Orthopaedic Center, under the guidance of Dr. Bharani Kumar Dayanandam (an eminent Orthopaedic Specialist in Chennai), improving knee flexibility is not an issue.

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Take A Long Walk With Your Healthy Knee

Date :28-Apr-2018

The knee is more prone to injuries. Bone, ligaments, cartilages, tendons and fluid are the parts of the knee joint. Tendons and muscle help in the movement of a knee joint. A knee problem arises if any of the structures is diseased or injured. Knee trouble occurs in all age group. Knee pain deters a person from doing even normal activities like walking, getting up from a chair and doing routine works. The pain creates a huge impact on normal life. The different types of knee injury are: Fractures by sudden fall, a direct blow, and osteoporosis Knee dislocation Knee sprain Knee strains Anteri

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Do You Have Joint Pain??? Get The Right Solution !!!

Date :08-Mar-2018

A Joint Pain can be because of a mere swelling or because of something as distressing as arthritis. Joint Pain causes immense discomfort, which is also a sign for injurious ailments. Joint pain generally heals with time, but persistent joint pain needs to be treated with experienced orthopaedic doctors. Best Joint Pain Treatment Chennai Dr. Bharani Kumar, orthopaedic specialist Chennai provides effective Joint pain treatment at well-advanced technologies. Main causes of Joint Pain are • By injury or disease affecting any of the ligaments, cartilage or joints within or surroundi

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Ankle Aliment Treatment , Pain Is Over....

Date :15-Dec-2017

Ankle ailments are the conditions or problems that ankle can face due to any kind of inflammation, swelling or injuries. An ankle is a common site for all these problems because of fluid retention. An ankle is a prone area to get injured due to the gravity’s effect on the fluids present in the body. A swollen ankle can look bigger than the normal body part. The problem in the ankle can give people difficulty in walking. The skin feels rigid and tight on that portion and it is a painful situation. Ankle aliments can appear at any age but it is quite common in older age.   What condi

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Neck Pain - When Should You Worry?

Date :16-Oct-2017

 Neck pain is one of the common problems that affect a person daily life and can widely vary person to person. Generally, neck pain is situated in one spot and move slightly to the nearby area within few days such as elbow or shoulder area. Neck pain rarely needed any kind of surgery and performs when recommended by the doctor. Chennai Orthopaedics in Shreeya clinic, Chennai has a facility to treat neck pain and perform surgery, if needed. What are the causes of neck pain? The causes of neck pain are different in different people. Some major causes are Accidents and injuries Older

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Shoulder Pain-Treatment in chennai

Date :22-Aug-2017

Stiffness and swelling in the shoulder joint can cause restricted movement and severe pain. Stiff and swollen shoulder can be occur from a labral tear, osteochondral defects, muscle tightness, tears or strains, bone surface damage, ligament damage or an adhesive capsulitis. People with arthritis have stiff shoulder with pain. Sometimes, biomechanical problems or impingement issues also causes stiffness in shoulder area. Shoulder also stiff and swollen when protects the joint by muscle inhibition. Some other injuries associated with stiffness and swelling in shoulder are Rotator cuff tear

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Are you Suffering From Hip Pain?........

Date :10-Jul-2017

A hip is a ball and socket joint that attaches the leg to the torso of the body. Generally, hip pain is arises from the hip joint but it can also arises from swelling, redness or warmth in the some external structures attached with hip. Symptoms Joint pain Limping Loss of motion of the hip Groin pain Warmth Tenderness of the hip Swelling on the hip Difficult to sleep on the hip Many times pain from the other areas of the body such as from the back or hernia may radiate to the hip. The pain gets worse while doing any activity. With the pain, some people develop a limp or reduced motion. It is

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Back Pain Treatment Chennai

Date :28-Apr-2017

  A common disorder among people irrespective of their age, back pain has a higher prominence today. This can be attributed to all the sitting around and bad postures that we develop with time. Back pain is known to be a product of the irregularity in the functioning of ligament, muscles or bones. Most cases of back pain reported are temporarily caused, like a bad posture or strain. These tend to fade away when the causal factor is corrected. However, in some cases, intense back pain can be caused due to deformities, structural irregularities in spine, muscles, bones or associates parts

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Why Do I Have Neck Pain ?

Date :08-Mar-2017

  Neck Pain is a common complaint where in neck muscles are strained. Neck pain, although felt in the neck, can be caused by numerous other spinal problems. The head is mainly supported with the help of the lower neck and the upper back, and it is these areas which commonly cause different kinds of neck pain. The top three joints in the neck allow most of the movements of the neck and head. The lower joints present in the neck and the joints of the upper back provide a supportive structure for the head to sit on. If this support system is affected adversely, then the muscles in thi

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