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Back Pain Treatment Chennai

Date :28-Apr-2017


A common disorder among people irrespective of their age, back pain has a higher prominence today. This can be attributed to all the sitting around and bad postures that we develop with time. Back pain is known to be a product of the irregularity in the functioning of ligament, muscles or bones.

Most cases of back pain reported are temporarily caused, like a bad posture or strain. These tend to fade away when the causal factor is corrected. However, in some cases, intense back pain can be caused due to deformities, structural irregularities in spine, muscles, bones or associates parts, as a symptom of certain diseases and so on which demand intensive back pain treatment.

Causes of back pain

The course of back pain treatment is by the cause of the pain. some causes that result in back pain are as below

    • Strain on back muscles or ligaments on the back due to heavy lifting.
    • Back muscle spasm
    • Structural abnormalities due to arthritis, osteoporosis, sciatica, abnormal spine curvature, ruptured or bulging disks.
    • Spine cancer
    • Infections in kidney, spine or bladder
    • Posture issues

Back pain treatment

Back pain treatment is done after ascertaining the causes and intensity of the condition through various diagnosis tests which includes X-rays, bone scan, EMG, CT scan, blood analysis and so on.

Cases of back pain caused due to strain or posture can be corrected with a life style change or mild pain killers. However, if these do not alleviate the pain, the following treatment measures are offered: -

    • Medications – medications are provided for pain relief include NSAIDs, topical medications, cortisone injections and so on.
    • Physical therapy – physical therapy includes manipulating the soft tissues and muscles on the back to reduce pain by applying muscle relaxation techniques. Exercise can be used as a follow through to avoid further pain.
    • Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation – TENS improves endorphin production to reduce pain by electrical stimulation using small electrodes placed inside the skin.
    • Surgery – surgery is relied on, only if other procedures fail. The surgical procedures include discectomy, artificial disk insertion, fusion and so on.

Under the expertise of Dr. Bharani Kumar Dayanandam, Chennai orthopaedics offers advanced and effective treatment for joint pain and related ailments.

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