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Every clinic works on an appointment diary. Doctor’s secretary or personal assistant maintains a diary in which all his appointments for the day, month or year are recorded. This diary is very important as it tells about the availability or busy schedule of the doctor. In fact patient needs to rely on doctor’s diary to get an appointment. But this is also not sure that you will get an appointment when you want. Many a times this happens that the time that is feasible for you is not available for appointment and the time that is available is not suitable for you. This frustrates the patient and he may loss hope to meet his doctor.

Dr. Bharani understands this ordeal of the patients and that is why he wants his patients to manage their appointments the way they want to manage. He has digitalised the appointment diary and patients can see the available days and time slots for the next few days and decide whichever suits best to them. This is especially for patients who come from outside Chennai so that they can plan and arrange for their visit accordingly.

The idea of managing appointments has revolutionized the culture and patients are more than satisfied and happy about it. They themselves feel responsible to fix an appointment rather than keep on requesting doctor’s secretary to arrange an appointment. In fact all our patients have become so used to this procedure that they fix their appointments way before time and meet the doctor with a positive and relaxed frame of mind.

Appointments can also be cancelled if due to any reason patient would not be able to come to meet the doctor. This time slot becomes empty and can be taken by patient who needs to consult the doctor. So it works for the benefit of patients as well as doctor.

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