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Health information is a very important part of every patient’s health journey. But it is also personal information of the patient. Its privacy is a rule that every doctor needs to follow. Our clinic also follows the same and health information of every patient is kept completely secret. It is not disclosed to anyone (known or unknown) at any cost. We are quite rigid about our rules and patient’s information is an un-disclosable document by our rules. Only patient or anyone who knows the login ID and password can access the health information.

We have specially designed database of records where patient can view his health information by just sharing his basic details. It is an easily accessible database that can be accessed by all our patients. A login ID and password is provided to the patient that is used to view the information. This makes it a protected database that can be entered by only the concerned person who has the login ID and password to open the record.

This information is important to keep a track of health of our patients. Every detail related to the health of our patient is recorded into this database and thus it makes it very easy for the doctor to see the past history or compare the patient condition with previous visit. In fact medication details are also available in this health information and patient can view his treatment details easily.

Health information record acts as one stop destination for complete details of the patient that includes his complaints, medical history, family history, treatment prescribed, next review scheduled etc. Patient can open this any time and view his health record. Likewise doctor can also view progress of every patient without wasting a lot of time on papers. This is actually a way to reduce wastage of time and efforts.

As with every password protected information, patient is alerted not to share this information too with anyone until and unless it is an unmanageable situation.

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