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International Patients Help Desk

International patients can very easily consult and get consultation from Dr. Bharani. Our help desk for international patients is not only meant to help the patients get consultation from Dr. Bharani but we also try to arrange their personal visit to our clinic. Although there is no such difference between the online consultation and personal visit but for some cases, patients prefer to see the doctor in person and discuss their case.

Patients from outside India can come to India for treatment under medical tourism. But it is definitely not as simple as stated. Various documents are required to facilitate a patient’s visit to India for medical tourism. Our executives offer helping hand to patients coming from other countries by providing all the medical documents that are required to visit India for medical reasons. This makes their paper work less and quick, and they can get best of the treatment from Dr. Bharani.

In addition to this, our International Patient’s help desk also arranges for stay and travel of the patient. We can give the details of hotel or can also book accommodation on your behalf. Commuting in an unknown city is also a big problem. But we make arrangements for patient pick up and drop so that they can meet the doctor on time. We make every effort to help as much as possible to decrease the patient’s suffering and support them fight with the disease.

An interpreter can also be made available to international patients who are not well versed with English or local language. Not knowing the language can be the biggest barrier in a country away from your home. And when you are coming for medical reasons, it becomes all the more necessary to convey your suffering to the doctor in detail. Interpreter will help you in explaining your disease to the doctor. He will be available for all your meetings with the doctor. This helps the doctor in understanding the disease while patient can discuss and understand the treatment in the language that is understandable to them. Both patient and doctor feel satisfied and content from this.

All these services and many more can be done by our help desk. Just allow us to help you and we shall prove it worth.

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