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Arthroscopic surgery for Shoulder Instability

Best Arthroscopic Shoulder surgeon in chennai

Shoulder instability is a condition that includes a loose shoulder joint that shifts around towards the socket after getting damaged due to an injury. It may result in sudden dislocation, slipping (subluxation), and may lead to severe joint pain & inflammation, i.e., arthritis. Shoulder instability may also happen because of any previous shoulder injury or dislocation. This problem usually occurs to sportspersons or athletes, and to the people who have a double joint.

Treatment associated with shoulder instability generally starts with physical therapy, essential medication, and rehabilitation. But due to the severe level of instability in many patients, the surgical procedure is to be followed. The surgery, i.e., done to cure shoulder instability varies according to the patient’s condition. These surgeries focus on tightening the shoulder ligaments which have become loose.

Shoulder arthroscopy is one of the most effective methods, i.e., opted in order o cure shoulder instability. Arthroscopy is particularly a minimally invasive operational technique, which allows the surgeon to examine the patient’s shoulder properly. That’s why it gets easy for the doctor to find the cause of the instability. During the arthroscopy, the surgeon makes small incisions in the patient’s shoulder, which are being called portals.  After that, a small camera is being placed in the portals, so that the inner zone of the shoulder can be seen properly.

The three most usual types of surgeries accepted to cure instability include:

  1. Capsular Shift Surgery
    Surgeons use this type of operation when there is a need to tighten up the joint capsule. A capsular shift is generally done utilizing an arthroscope. In this process, the surgeon moves forward to tight the capsule including with the ligaments responsible for stabilizing the shoulder joint. The surgeon is tightens these ligaments, and then finally starts the stabilizing operation and recovery phase.
  2. Bankart or Labral Repair Surgery
    Bankart surgery is chosen to repair tears that are being introduced to the labrum. This surgery is also being done with the help of arthroscope. If the tears are small in size, then it is not primarily necessary to repair the tears. These small tears are being debrided.
    The debridement is the process in which the frayed edges or sides, and associated loose parts and any loose parts are being removed. If the tear is large, then it is being repaired while utilizing suture anchors as well as a heavy suture in order to reconnect the labrum with the socket.  An open process is to be followed if the socket’s bone gets affected because of the injury. The doctor then prefers to repair through a larger incision at the front side of the shoulder. The incision is then closed with suture as well as steri-strips.
  3. Latarjet Surgical Procedure
    The latarjet process is being considered when there is a bone loss associated with the socket, caused due to repetitive dislocations. It is being performed as an open process. In this, a tiny piece of the bone is being taken from shoulder’s another part. Then this part is being placed into the area of the shoulder socket, where the bone loss is examined. It is known as a bone graft. And, a bone graft is being attached with the help of screws.

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