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Dr. Surojeet Chatterji

Dr. Surojeet Chatterji (Licentiate of Royal Schools of Music, London/ Alumnums of Moscow Conservatory, Russia/Head of Russian Piano Studio/K.M College of Music and Technology, Chennai)

Almost two years ago, on noticing a painful limp in my gait, a considerate father of a student of mine at music composer A.R. Rahman’s Institute of music Chennai, suggested that whenever I be ready, he would have my knees transplanted at Apollo, the leading medical institution in India. That gentleman was no other than Sai Narayanan, the general manager of health services.

Before long, two years had passed and on the 12th of May 2014, I was led by him to Apollo speciality hospital at Vanagaram for the operation I was so dreading upon. Earlier, he had me consulted with Dr.Bharani Kumar, the orthopaedic surgeon and within a very short period of time I was convinced of his knee transplant expertise. He explained to me my options and recommended what was best. Thereafter, the procedures of preparing for the operation went through with utmost smoothness by all of his efficient team members. In just five hours it was all over and I woke up at the intensive care with two new knees.

The recovery period at the hospital and what followed at home for the next three months, was unending indescribable pain. At all time of the day and unearthly hours of the night, I would desperately call my doctor for help and relief and each and every time he would treat me with empathy and understanding.

The bright side to the all of above was, that my operation was a success and before long to the delight of my doctors and my colleagues I was able to sit cross legged, walk and stride like I had not done for almost 20 years, I was videotaped for posterity.

Hurrah to Apollo for bringing to India, world class surgeons and doctors such as Dr.Bharani Kumar and for the incredible environment of cleanliness, politeness and efficiency of a kind that ever experiences at the best American hospitals during my stay in U.S. could not match. Most of all, the excellence lay on the very human side writ large on the ever present smiles of so many caring sisters and nurses_the unsung heroes of Apollo.

If only India could become Apollo, a true global institution, the founding fathers of our land would so truly be gratified.

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