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Shoulder Pain-Treatment in chennai

Date :22-Aug-2017

Stiffness and swelling in the shoulder joint can cause restricted movement and severe pain. Stiff and swollen shoulder can be occur from a labral tear, osteochondral defects, muscle tightness, tears or strains, bone surface damage, ligament damage or an adhesive capsulitis. People with arthritis have stiff shoulder with pain. Sometimes, biomechanical problems or impingement issues also causes stiffness in shoulder area. Shoulder also stiff and swollen when protects the joint by muscle inhibition. Some other injuries associated with stiffness and swelling in shoulder are

Rotator cuff tear

Glenoid labrum tear

Dislocation of the shoulder

Frozen shoulder

Winged scapula

Shoulder tendonitis

Rotator cuff tendonitis

Supraspinatus inflammation

Subscapularis inflammation

Pec major tendon inflammation

Clavicle muscle attachments inflammation

Supraspinatus rupture

Shoulder sprain

Shoulder fracture

Shoulder pain


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 Stiffness and swelling in shoulder area can be either chronic or acute which is depends on the level of pain and movement. An acute shoulder injury can occur by over stretching a muscle, direct force on shoulder, ligament or tendon tear, twisting the shoulder joint or overusing a muscle. Stiffness and swelling in shoulder area should not be treated lightly and required immediate medical attention. Stiffness and swelling in shoulder area cannot be treated properly by providing only medicine. Initial treatment for Stiffness and swelling in shoulder area includes managing pain and swelling to stimulate healing. The treatment facilities include

Physical therapy



Treatment benefits of Stiffness and swelling in shoulder area

Enable shoulder to move easily and without any pain

Reduce severe pain and swelling

Promote daily activities without any pain

Promote sport activities such as swimming, exercise

Support to normalize social life

Chennai Orthopaedics in Shreeya clinic, Chennai is a best place for treating stiffness and swelling in the shoulder joint in Chennai.  The clinic has all the facilities to treat swelling and stiffness in shoulder. The staff is highly qualified and experienced to treat shoulder injuries.

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