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Do Bony Enlargements In Your Knee Irritate You?

Date :28-Jul-2018

Every human being wants a very flexible body that does not refrain him from engaging in any of the physical activities. Unfortunately, wear and tear of bones, muscles, tendons, ligaments, joints etc do not let him have a hassle free life and life slowly becomes a mess. A bony enlargement in knee is also one among those issues that make people apprehensive about their future. But, as there are hospitals such as Chennai Orthopaedic Center, under the guidance of Dr. Bharani Kumar Dayanandam (an eminent Orthopaedic Specialist in Chennai), improving knee flexibility is not an issue. The center is famous for knee pain treatment in Chennai.

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Bony Enlargements- An Overview

Bony enlargements (bone spurs) are caused by osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, gout etc and even injury to the joints. It is also a symptom that might lead to other major orthopaedic disorders.


The cartilages that are seen in the joints of the hands, hips, knees and spine wear down and bones sprout out from them. A few of the symptoms include stiffness, changes in the movement and structure of the joints. Obese males above the age of 55 and are into occupations such as carpentry, dock work, shipyard work etc are more prone to Osteoarthritis. Certain bony protuberances occur as a result of Osteoarthritis and are, of course, seen under the skin near the joints too. In course of time, it enlarges too. Our hospital is famous for its knee osteoarthritis treatment in Chennai.

Rheumatoid Arthritis

It causes joint pain on both sides of the body. That is, if there is pain in an arm joint, the arm joint would also be affected over time. It is through this difference, doctors diagnose Rheumatoid Arthritis. The symptoms are very much equal to Osteoarthritis. The swollen joints lead to bone erosion as well.

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This is a kind of arthritis where inflammation happens abruptly in one joint due to the deposition of crystals of uric acid in a joint. And, slowly bony enlargements let the person down.

Medications are taken for the recovery. In some cases, surgeries such as Osteotomy, Arthroscopic Surgery and Arthroplasty are also done.

Safe and reliable treatments are what that make Chennai Orthopaedic Center differ from other hospitals. World class healthcare with many scientifically advanced technologies are also in line here. They provide the best treatment for knee joint disorders in Tamilnadu, India. So, are you willing to walk into Chennai Orthopaedic Center for easy functionality and movement of knee joint to improve knee flexibility?

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